Design Your Own Elegant Rose Gold/ Gold Color Customized Name Necklaces

Design Your Own Elegant Rose Gold/ Gold Color Customized Name Necklaces
Design Your Own Elegant Rose Gold/ Gold Color Customized Name Necklaces
Design Your Own Elegant Rose Gold/ Gold Color Customized Name Necklaces
Design Your Own Elegant Rose Gold/ Gold Color Customized Name Necklaces

Design Your Own Elegant Rose Gold/ Gold Color Customized Name Necklaces

Model: Name-Necklace-z2000

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Engrave my name or words: Sure

Chain Size: 14/16/18/20/22/24/26/28/30/32 Inches

Extender Chain: 2 Inches (5cm)

Pendant Length: 0.75 – 2 Inches (2 – 5 cm)

Pendant Thickness: 1.5 mm / 0.06 Inch

Material: Copper

The Font: As the picture shows

Production time: 5 - 7 Business Days

Freight: Free Shipping

Payment: Paypal Or Credit Card

Packaging: Velvet Bag Or Jewelry Box

Weight Ranges: 0.05 - 0.08 kg


Customer Reviews

  • I received my necklace promptly and was super pleased with the quality. It has exceeded my expectations and I've gotten several compliments on it.
  • Rose Hernandez - customerTuesday 31 October, 2017

  • I could not be happier. This is a gift for my daughter and I am sure she will love it. It's a nice weight and the script lettering is beautiful made. Highly recommend.
  • Ortencia Vergara - customerMonday 30 October, 2017

  • High quality chain and necklace, and came earlier than promised. Love it.
  • Kacy Blevins - customerSunday 29 October, 2017

  • This was a beautiful piece of jewelry packed in a lovely felt pouch! It was made and shipped very fast! Couldn't be more pleased!
  • Makayla Chavez - customerFriday 27 October, 2017

  • One of the most beautiful necklaces I have. Good quality. Wish they would make it available in a longer chain.
  • Joe Osterman - customerWednesday 25 October, 2017

  • Got this for my niece with her name on it...great quality and she loved it!
  • Chance Sosa - customerTuesday 24 October, 2017

  • Excellent job! I love it and would recommend this product and company.
  • Kacy Blevins - customerMonday 23 October, 2017

  • I bought one for myself first and my mom and sisters really liked it so I got all of them one too. Really pretty and the quality is great!
  • Makayla Chavez - customerFriday 20 October, 2017

  • Was exactly what I was expecting...very clean and pretty :) and excellent for the price!!
  • Jessica Daniels - customerSunday 15 October, 2017

  • Good item for the price. It isn't a fine piece of jewelry, but for the price, it is great.
  • Shanice Carr - customerTuesday 10 October, 2017

  • Nice necklace My personal opinion is the necklace looks fake but my little sister loves it
  • Moriah Lewis - customerSaturday 07 October, 2017

  • Good quality for the price and arrived quickly. I wear it every day. Very happy with purchase!
  • Sharda Butler - customerFriday 29 September, 2017

  • Exceeded my expectations! This was what I wanted for my wife. Very well made and nicely designed.
  • David Carney - customerMonday 25 September, 2017

  • Very happy with this necklace. The chain is such a beautiful rose gold, my granddaughter is going to love it!!!!
  • Jamie Curtis - customerMonday 18 September, 2017

  • Love it! It's absolutely perfect especially for the price.
  • Vanessa Ramirez - customerMonday 11 September, 2017

  • By far more beautiful than thought so pleased bought 2 as gifts and my girls were super happy thank u
  • Arelis Batalla - customerThursday 07 September, 2017

  • I didn't expect such a quality item. It's wonderful, and I ordered more when I saw how well-made it was.
  • Ashley Bennett - customerThursday 31 August, 2017

  • Came in as expected, took around 8 days to arrive and I couldn't be happier.
  • Lashay Dickerson - customerSaturday 26 August, 2017

  • I ordered many of these for a wedding. The bridesmaids loved them. My only issue was I didn't order myself one at the same time.
  • Shari Mazna - customerTuesday 22 August, 2017

  • My daughter's have unusual names so I held my breath until the two necklaces arrived...they are gorgeous! Thank you so much for the beautiful cutting of their names. Awesome!
  • Deyonce Deleon - customerSunday 13 August, 2017

  • I agree with the other comments. Nice piece of jewelry, I've worn it everyday for the past week or so. No rusting or tarnishing. My name came out perfectly.
  • Jalen Davis - customerSunday 30 July, 2017

  • Beautiful perfect you have done a gorgeous job on this necklace better than I expected will purchase from you again
  • Kryza Albino - customerFriday 21 July, 2017

  • The name was plenty big enough. I bought these for my granddaughters and I had already purchased 2 before, so I knew what quality they are.
  • Trinity Dekiere - customerSaturday 15 July, 2017

  • I agree with the other comments. Nice piece of name jewelry, I've worn it everyday for the past week or so. No rusting or tarnishing. My name came out perfectly.
  • Melissa Wilkins - customerSunday 09 July, 2017

  • The chain is not to thin and cheap. The writing is very nice. I was very pleased with the necklace. Nice for the money.
  • Maya Reeves - customerSunday 02 July, 2017

  • Bought for my two friends and they are beautiful they loved them and one of them wears hers all the time. Very nice present.
  • Carey Ferrari - customerSaturday 24 June, 2017

  • Absolutely in love!!! I wear it almost every day! And the length of the chain was Perfect!
  • Travis Board - customerTuesday 20 June, 2017

  • I bought this for my 13 year old niece and she absolutely. I was very impressed when it arrived, it was such good quality for the price.
  • Leah Mumford - customerWednesday 07 June, 2017

  • LOVE this necklace. It is my go to accessory for a casual day or a simple night out in a tee, jeans and heels. Glad it has not turned my skin into a different color.
  • Carlos Feijoo - customerFriday 02 June, 2017

  • This is a beautiful necklace. I got it today and i love it so much. I will be ordering from this store again.
  • Clarissa Norris - customerFriday 26 May, 2017

  • I have purchased this necklace four different times for young family members. All of them absolutely adored them. Also shipped a lot faster than expected!
  • Christine Smith - customerTuesday 23 May, 2017

  • Very well-made, worthy of the price listed. I got my man's name in gold :)
  • Kaliyah Patterson - customerThursday 11 May, 2017

  • Received necklace today and I'm very pleased with it! It arrived even sooner then it said would! For the price I was a little worried it would look cheap but it did not. Will order from them in the future!!
  • Elizabeth Kauffman - customerSunday 07 May, 2017

  • The necklace is made very well and so pretty! The chain is not very thick but seems sturdy.
  • Travis Prince - customerTuesday 02 May, 2017

  • Necklace was beautiful and well made, and it the lettering is very legible. I bought the 20 inch chain and it fit perfectly. Not too tight and just above my collar.
  • Stephanie Lopez - customerTuesday 25 April, 2017

  • Gorgeous necklace. Doesn't look cheap at all, and the box chain accents the name pendant so well.
  • Celina Campbell - customerThursday 20 April, 2017

  • It was beautiful. More then I expected. Has some weight to it. I thought it would be a cheap piece of jewelry for that price. . But it's not. I bought this for my wife. She loved it. I will be ordering more that's for sure.
  • T. Karmo - customerTuesday 18 April, 2017

  • I don't do many reviews but customer service is great. Necklace is thin but as long as you take care of it it'll last. Worth the money basically
  • Kyla Owens - customerSaturday 15 April, 2017

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